5 Reasons Why You’ll Appreciate Having a 3D Printer

Having a 3d printer isn’t just for the novelty of it, although they are fun! There are many practical reasons why you’ll appreciate having this technology at your fingertips. Whether you’re considering the use of 3d print technology for business or personal use, it will come in handy. Check out the following examples.

1. Academic Use

Although you probably won’t find a 3d printer in every school, there are plenty of art and design programs that have integrated 3d print technology into their curriculum. It’s usually accompanied by different 3d modeling software programs. In addition to teaching students about 3d technology, it can boost creativity and help them better prepare for future innovations. It’s also beneficial for homeschoolers.

2. Fast Production

Depending on your industry, there are opportunities to produce objects using a 3d printer with faster speed than other methods of production. Whenever you can produce something faster, there’s a chance to save money and achieve customer satisfaction with on-time or early delivery. If you’re using 3d print technology as a hobby, you’ll still appreciate its ability to print faster than some of the older models. For more information, visit the www.argylematerials.com website.

3. Device Compatibility

There was a time when 3d printers were cost-prohibited and not used in homes. Now that the prices have gone down and there are many options for individual home use, it’s becoming more common for them to be compatible with different devices. For instance, it’s now easier to develop a 3d design from a PC. In the past, there were a lot more software requirements. Notably, it’s still important to find out what design technology is required for you to create and produce a 3d printed object.

4. Modeling Software

When it comes to the development process, you don’t necessarily have to be a savvy designer because there are a variety of different modeling software options from which to choose. You can even create objects that are complex without having a lot of experience in design. In fact, you don’t really need any experience as long as you review the instructions.

5. Limited Waste

The process used for 3d technology in homes is different than what’s used in manufacturing environments. At home, you won’t use excess materials, which will keep the cost of what you’re producing down. Depending on the purposes for which you plan to use the 3d printer chosen, you can produce a higher quantity without wasting raw materials. This is important if you’re producing objects with costly materials like silver or gold.

There’s a lot to get excited about if you’re in the market for 3d print technology. It’s just a matter of finding the right printer to fit your needs.